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The following recordings are examples of drum parts and patterns. I would use the existing music like those are. It is only an idea how to play for already recorded music, which is a highly recommended part of practicing. The songs below are only for listening purposes not for selling. According to the law the music is used by permission.

1. Off The One

2. Inside Out

3. Five Peace Band

4. Abbaji

5. Raju

6. I4U

7. The Voice

8. Maharina

All Compositions By John McLaughlin

1. A Show Of Hands

2. U Can't Hold No Groove

3. Justice

4. Me&My Guitar

5. Medley(A Night In Tunisia)

6. More Love

7. Overjoyed

All Compositions By Victor Wooten

1. Inside Game Steve Coleman

2. NOH

3. Roll Under Angels

4. Shoulder Roll

5. Dancing And Jabbing

6. Pull Counter

7. Span

8. Morphing

9. Horda

All Compositions By Steve Coleman

A Book with all those rhythms of the three

records above. Including: main pattern transcriptions,

parts of the most interesting moments, transitions.

All rhythms developed by Sy Joynet. Tunings tips, drum

positions tips, recordings tips.

Available as e-book by May 2021