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Lenny White on Sy Jonet's version

of Chic Corea's "Romantic Warrior":

"..... I enjoyed what I heard.

It was pretty impressive. "

December 26th, 2006. After meeting in

"Smoke" Jazz Club, New York

Steve Coleman on Sy Joynet's version

of Steve Coleman's "Change the Guard" :

" Yes, it certainly sounds like you got it!

The bridge has a different drum chant."

March 29th, 2016.

Alphonso Johnson on "ALive" based

on Billy Cobham's "On A Magic Carpet Ride"

( Last Part, Guitar Solo's bass line ):

" The song has some interesting dynamics......"

October 18th, 2010

Jean Luc Ponty on Sy Joynet : Jean asked me to thank you

being a big fan .... and he sends his compliments saying

you are an excellent drummer.Victor Thorel-JLPProductions Inc.

... I agree with Lenny White - your drumming is very

impressive. Thank you for playing all my songs and

I'm glad you enjoyed them ...

Play Alongs

1. Classicole (Steve Coleman)

2.Cycle of Changes (Steve Coleman)

3.The Nag (John Scofield)

4.The X Format (Steve Coleman)

5.Nobody Told Me (Steve Coleman)

6.Still Before (Sy Joynet)

7.System On (Sy Joynet)

8.Ur-Beat (Steve Coleman)

9.Knowyes (Sy Joynet)

10.Pentacourse (Robin Eubanks)

Sy Joynet:Drums, Piano, Synthesizers,

Recorded: Boonker Studios

Mastered: Motionless Records Studios

Produced: Sy Joynet

Cover Design: Sy Joynet

1.Stratus(Billy Cobham

2.Red Baron(Billy Cobham)

3.Sixteenth Feel (Dave Weckl)

4.Straight Eights(Dave Weckl

5.Open Mind (Jean Luc Ponty)

6.Computer Incantations For World Peace(Jean Luc Ponty)

7.Bass&Drums Individual Choice(Jean Luc Ponty, Bass Line Sy Joynet)

8.New Round

9.Oosterbek Percussion (Including Minuano snare pattern by Pat Metheny)

10.Move it Back

11.Shift Loop (Including Synthi Line by Jeam Beard)

12.Magic Drums


14.Cymbal Intro

15.Rise of the Jupiter

16.Inside Answer

17.Basso Brazil (Composer Unknown


Composition 08-18 by Sy Joynet

All Drums played by Sy Joynet

Song 1 and 2: London Jazz Orchestra

Song 11: Jeam Beard Keyboard Loop

Song 3 and 4: Dave Weckl Band

Song 8-18: Sy Joynet on Piano, Keyboards

Drums Recorded at Boonker Studios

Mastered: Motionless Records Studios

Cover Design: Sy Joynet